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Having recently retired, in his forties, with a decent pension and a mortgage that no, I had a few months off, so before we start talking a little boring. The children have left home, school and college and had time on my hands. I am a good driver for my police training in hand and had contacts to feel like a rental service courier. It was not long before I was going to provide all kinds wunbuck of objects, and yes, I had the usual ' home alone with a woman to be fair. Susan was especially a favorite. In a small town just 20 miles away, which is organizing all kinds of supplies and even things eBay local shopping and is always appreciated my service. it all started with the usual cup of tea and after a few visits, she opened the door in a bathrobe and wet . it could have been well planned, do not know yet, but he refused. is built on the 30 and about 5'5 'tall, thin, nice tits and huge nipples I had to find later transferred tor clitoris. We caught like rabbits in the afternoon and I made several trips there is more to leave disappointed. One day, though I was surprised when another woman opened the door and invited me, a little older and not so good, but as yet, wearing a light summer dress and light, getting through t could see behind me, wearing little more. I was invited to the room where five or six women were on the sofa and chairs, while others were seated, however, wunbuck Ann Summers party screen. The applause when he entered it, each of the women had liberal quantities of wine and vodka to loosen. Susan said that I had 'the delivery of the goods ' for a while with her and in my opinion worth a few points. With these words she opened the wunbuck silk robe a Basque beautiful she showed her breasts to reveal the perfection. I made ​​a comment that looked fantastic, as one of the other reviewson my hard drive, said it was better than that. Someone 's hand brushed against my jeans and other shouted the atmosphere. Susan came to me and kissed me on the lips and whispered in my ear that he wanted to be fucked senseless, so I let her hand to the bar and began to stroke my cock. I kissed her again and felt the hands of others around me and opened my shirt. I stood back and said, 'if this will work, wunbuck will have, get naked ' He was surprised at first, and only a few began to undress, the party organizer, Janet, said it would free use of their toys . Janet was a doll in her thirties, I would say, dressed in an elegant office on the type of suit with skirt and stockings, and a loose silk blouse. I looked at her and beckoned to join, wunbuck hesitated until Susan said: ' You will not receive orders, it is because you are her ' Janet unzipped her skirt and dropped to the ground revealing the middle and make atiny thong, shaved pussy with a tattoo of 'Taz ' and just above a small tattoo of a language in the left buttock. She came to me and kissed me on the lips before leaving the knees and loosen my pants zipper. Command style of what was to build right away and see. Janet grabbed my cock and eats in his mouth, when Susan came to his knees. They shared my cock like the others looked up. Every time I licked sucked bell end to finish one step before she agrees fully undress. They stood on wunbuck either side of me and Janet told wunbuck the other, ' even him naked and then'. An angry mob tore off my clothes and some bright spark decided that clothes should be taken wunbuck outside and inside of my car. Susan took her dressed only in their Basque neighbors did not care, they were all here. They put me on the floor and had a woman tell me squat on my face, licking ass. It was big, wet, hairy, not the best combination, but' T long before I came in my mouth. I was still very erect and two sets of hands with my penis and testicles, balls shaved, but hair to play up. Janet took one of my arms and put handcuffs, Gillian have the other as the handcuffs were fastened together and then someone had on my head. The other two legs took me in his place as Sandra, a colored girl who was only in his teens extended to me and settled on my tail. Pert little tits recovered very well as rocked back and forth and covered with white hands behind like a different girl fondled and kissed her neck. They seemed very excited about it and very quickly became an explosion on my tail, anything that could not be done to finish. Janet had moved and was holding a butt plug in her ass Sandra socket is connected, as he leaned on my chest, now all the girls began to take part and bare hands for me, my toes my head, Sandraroll me and Susan knelt between her legs to lick her juices and milk all of me, which may have been, as intended hands around his ass and fingers explore every corner. Janet the back of his mouth on my penis and licked my balls Beverley, who had never seen shaved balls. I could not take it anymore and shot my load all over Janet 's face and hair wunbuck and tits BEVs. I squirmed over and shot cum all over, until I passed. Then he saw as a different girl licked my sperm from Janet and Bev and uses the toy to wunbuck pleasure themselves. Wow, what a sight. Janet had many requests and said that the mission of providing personally instead of taking it to Susan. I'm looking forward to it. I'm so glad that I retired early.
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